What is Quick-Pay

Quick-Pay enables Pre-ordered items to be paid off when it suits the customer.

Once you have a Pre-order on your account Quick-Pay is here to help you reduce the balance.
This will break down the payment plan instead of having one amount left to pay off before
the item arrives into the warehouse.

Example of Billy’s order:

January Pre-order Placed – (Expected Delivery Date November/December)
Iron Man Figure £200.00
Minus the deposit £50
Outstanding £150.00

The £150 remaining balance won’t be due until 2-3 weeks before
the item arrives into stock.

The Iron Man is due near Christmas so money is a little tight for Billy so he wishes to reduce the balance.

Total Outstanding £150.00
Billy uses the Quick-Payment of £50.00 in March

Bring the balance down to £100

He then decides to make two payments of £25
one in April and the other in May.

Outstanding total £50.00

Billy chooses to pay the last £50.00 in November once he gets the
notification the Iron Man he ordered is due.

To assign Quick-Pay to one of the multiple Pre-orders on your account
the order number for that item needs to be put into the notes box.
Once the payment is received it will be noted on your account with
the date and time as a record.

With all Quick-Payments they can not be transferred to
any other pre-orders once received.